Alex, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Joan Cusack, my FBF (Fairy Best Friend)

Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn, speaking right to Anita's heart

March, 2010:

I pitch to Alex an idea I’ve had for a book. She loves it. We start brainstorming how we put this together. What’s the name of the book? The Skokie Project. No. Sounded too animal testy. Or too housing project-y. This is about relationships and getting from A to Z. I’m sitting in the car with my husband, Brian, and we’re driving somewhere and I hear the robotic English-speaking woman tell my husband to turn right on Blah road. Well, I told him it would be easier  and faster if he went on Blee road. He refuses. Had to listen to GPS robot woman with the English accent. And then I got it. The Dating GPS.  That makes sense. He’ll listen to the GPS. They will too.

April 2nd, 2010:

Who would be the best person to provide a forward for the book? Has to be a female, a writer, maybe an actor, a comedian. Someone who is married or in a relationship that is loving. Would be nice if she were a mom too. A working mom. Someone who knows Hollywood and has still managed to deal with her husband and find love in the relationship after years together. Through bullshit. Through his bullshit. And through her own bullshit.

April 5th, 2010:

Alex sends me stuff from time to time on a just because basis. This one day she sends me a funny. Shares this video about Annabelle and her husband Jeff and their new book You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up. I laughed. And then I freaked out. I told Alex I wanted to get her. What does Alex email me at 11:35pm?

Subject: Annabelle will be in Chicago
Sent: Apr 5, 2010 11:35 PM

Thursday at Barbara’s Book Store on Halstead. Go meet her. Tell her we
want her for our book.

I see this email the next morning and say

“Sh*t! What time will she be there? Wow what f*cking timing! :) crazy!”

And she says

“No clue, saw it on her FB page last night.

But this is a BIG ASS SIGN.

Now go get your sexy ass over there, hot stuff.”

So I prayed to all the Gods, because my husband never leaves his office early. I needed a miracle. There would have to be a MAJOR emergency for him to leave work to come home and watch our daughter. Well. So I called. Told him. Asked him. WHAT?! He said he’d do it?! What a man. What. A. Man.

I got there, sat down, listened to her read, and at the end quickly spoke to Annabelle.  She was amazing. I met Jeff, her husband.  He was amazing. And just when amazing reached its limit, I met Joan Cusack. My favorite best friend I wished for from all her movies. She was my FBF. My Fairy Best Friend. And there she was. Being totally amazing. If she only knew how badly I wanted to say, “Will you be my FBF? Forever?” But I settled for fun modeling poses with my Fairy Best Friend.

I still pinch myself over that day. And a good pinch I give. Ouch…

Anita meets her FBF, Joan Cusack

Blurry shots are action shots, and action shots are awesome when you break into a fake modeling gig with Joan Cusack and she’s your Fairy Best Friend.

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3 Responses to Alex, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Joan Cusack, my FBF (Fairy Best Friend)

  1. Ashley says:

    Good luck with your mission! I’m glad you’re following your dreams Anita!

  2. Brian Myers says:

    I can’t wait ladies. Don’t forget …I want the very first autographed copy, since my hot English GPS lady, Lorraine, did provide the genesis for the genius that is….the Dating GPS! (at finer book stores near you)


    your biggest Fan….Bri the Fitness Guy

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