What women say about men:

  • “I’m so tired of looking. There’s no one. Every time I meet someone they end up being a jerk.”

  • “Men are weak and so predictable. They just aren’t worth it. I don’t need a man in my life.” 

  • “When will I find my one true love? Why is it easy for others and hard for me?

  • “Men? I don’t see any men. The good ones are all taken.”

These are the types of sentiments we’ve heard over the years, so we decided to write a book to turn the perspectives around.


The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts

Men SUCK! (or do they?)The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts is a relationship resource book aiming to unveil the truth about what women and men need and want in today’s world when it comes to having healthy relationships. Times have changed. Roles have shifted. Parenting is different. But love still lives, and can still thrive today. The Dating GPS™ offers a combined effort of story sharing, professional disclosure, honest opinion and personal experiences from those who have been there and done that, and then some.

There are no men out there!(Or are there?) The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts was developed to help women embrace the awareness of themselves, celebrate their value, progress beyond habitual negative perspectives and appreciate men’s positive contributions in the world of relationships.

The dating world has changed swiftly over two decades. (Are you up to speed?) There are successful relationships that exist. The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts brings you a group of professionals, love advocates and real relationship success stories to reconnect you to the realities behind what it takes to find and keep love.

Through the pages of our book, find yourself:

  • Entering the unpredictable dating battlefield, collecting tools, acknowledging signs and using reliable sources to build upon your own adventure and destination.

  • Navigating through common relationship conundrums and inheriting a new understanding through the perspectives provided.

  • Digesting relatable stories, perspectives, theories and humor, earning wisdom from a multitude of sources.  

  • Discovering a newfound authority through each oddity, conflict and peacetime experience revealed, acquiring a better decision-making process for a more successful outcome.

What women and men have said after hearing about our upcoming book, The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts

  • “What a great idea! I totally need a new perspective. Can’t wait to read it!”

  • “On behalf of all men, I thank you.”

  • “Wow! What an interesting way to share the reality of relationships. I want to be the first to read it!”

  • “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 

The Dating GPS™: Guys, Pricks and Sweethearts two-part goal:

1. Catalyzing transformational self-awareness; and

2. Rekindling recognition and appreciation of men


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