The Dating GPS™ Introduces Male Panelist Johnny Daugherty: Bad Boy, Great Guy & Awesome Entertainer

The Dating GPS™ Male Panelist Johnny Daugherty (Photo: J. Daugherty)

There are men who are equipped with an ability to walk into a room and command the light to shine upon them, holding a magnetic confidence and a certain impressive social stature. A guy like this is not just the guy whom other guys respect, but also, through his words, humor and obscene level of cool in knowing who he wants, he finishes the day walking into the sunset with the leading lady from his life’s own movie.

Now I believe I’ve met a lot of men in my life, and if there is one guy who brings a smile, a laugh, and an awesome feeling of a memorable friendship to my heart, it’s my buddy Johnny Daugherty.

I say his name and I smile, because that was what graced his face the entire time we worked together in a DJ and entertainment company.  Johnny would raise an eyebrow, showcasing a soap operatic come hither look, followed by some sentence in Spanish (he could have said, “Pass me the bread,” and I would have thought it was magical), then break into an adorable giggle, high-fiving me at the end. The message was clear on his face, back in the day; he may as well have tattooed Bad Boy across his forehead, and I say that with full respect and adoration.

I already knew by his manner that he lived life well when it came to women.  He had full control of who he wanted to spend his time with and took complete advantage of his Colombian/Irish personality. I looked forward to working with him at our scheduled parties, because I knew that no matter what, we’d rock out, dancing, talking, laughing and acting a fool if we needed to.  When salsa music came on, boy, watch out.  He’d shimmy his culo right on over to the dance floor and dance the night away. He was (and still is) truly a genuinely fun guy and a darling friend who infects you with his contagious laugh.  If anything ever went wrong (and let’s face it, with every party, things go wrong) we’d both find a way to somehow laugh our asses off about the insanity; we believed in digging through the dirt to find the happy. Everything about him is why I approached him to be one of our Male Panelists for The Dating GPS™.

Johnny and I have some things in common.  When we met back in the 90′s, he heard I was a model and an aspiring actor. He was already doing his thing as an actor, working on soap operas and doing other work. This kick-started our friendship right out of the gate. We both loved dancing, music and having a good time.  He met his wife, gorgeous Angelique, in the acting world, working on the set of a Spanish soap opera with her, and I met my husband in the modeling world on a gig for Crown Royal. (Great alcohol, majestic packaging and they helped me meet my guy! Long live the Crown!)  I attended Johnny’s wedding in July of 2000, and Johnny and Angelique attended mine just two months after, in September.

Angelique & Johnny: my wedding reception September 10, 2000 (Photo: A. Myers)

They’ll be married for 12 years in July.  Johnny not only found a woman he loved, but also was able to switch gears from Bad Boy to loving husband and father.  How did he know she was the one?

You just know it. I got that feeling that she’s got my back, and she shows me how much she loves me.

Johnny now lives in California with his wife and children. Angelique and Johnny set out to L.A. to run their own DJ business, which is serving them both very well.

Johnny D (Photo: J. Daugherty)

My wife and I own a Mobile DJ and Performing Arts company called  Halo Entertainment.

Outside of his business, Johnny fills his open time with his joys and hobbies.

I love to draw, air-brush body art… and why do I love to air-brush body art?

Because the person I paint is a walking canvas!  I also do yoga, mountain biking, salsa dancing and last, but not least, I love spending time with my family.

After we talked about the book I’m co-authoring, he agreed and came aboard with bells on. Why?

Daugherty Family (Photo: J. Daugherty)

I want the truth to be told.

That’s the kind of guy he is.  He just wants the truth to be told.  Not every man is willing to share the male point of view, but Johnny is.  When asked, “How will The Dating GPS™ impact future generations?” he told me,

Young women can be better prepared than women today.

He’s got that right.  In fact, that is one of the main reasons this book is in development.  He’s played the field, and played it well.  He understands the Bad Boys and how the games they play work.  Johnny also roots for the good guy, because he knows that being a good guy is what ultimately wins the heart of the leading lady. All this and so much more makes me want to break into my Spanish-soap-opera-styled passionate lingo:

¡Escucháis lo que tengo que decir! Mis palabras no mienten. ¡Yo digo la verdad! Johnny es un gran hombre. ¡Sí, por supuesto! ¡Un gran hombre! ¡Él es un amigo maravilloso, y estoy feliz de que él es una parte de mi equipo!

(Not sure what I said? Google Translate it!)  
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