The Dating GPS™ Introduces Male Panelist Mike Goulis: Actor, Lover, Mind Shaker


Mikey G (Photo: M. Goulis)










Mike, the ultra-conservative (Photo: M. Goulis)










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Sharp-Dressed Man (Photo:M. Goulis)



A man of mystery.  A man of wonder.  A man who redefines passion and strength in a manner that engages people to either discuss, debate, argue, laugh or walk away.  And when they leave, they do so carrying with them the scent of his perspective,  only to discover later that something about what he said actually made good sense.  He’s a guy, a prick and a sweetheart.  And to me, he’s pretty much a bad-ass muthaf****r.

I heard about Mike through Alex.  He provided a voice-over for a commercial she orchestrated to market her book Chatroom to Bedroom: Chicago.  She mentioned him to me, thinking he may be a good fit as one of our male panelists and suggested my facebook friendship to him.

As Alex recalls, “I was looking for a local actor who could deliver the accent of a key character in my book, that of a middle-aged, promiscuous and sexually-charged Greek man. Friend, former co-worker and local improv performer Deena Mendlovitz recommended Mike, who showed up at the recording session on time and ready to go.


Mike at the Chatroom to Bedroom recording session, March 2010. (Photo: A. Sukhoy)

“As all producers know, you provide your talent with food and, that evening, I purchased rotisserie chicken. The way Mike went at that bird, eating with his hands, licking his fingers, was this incredibly primal visual.  It’s like he was part man, part beast, devouring the meat in front of him with the determination of a predator who just captured his prey.

“Later, as the production session progressed, and as his transformed voice – demure, seductive and passionate – read the lines of the script, I knew I hired the right man for the job. Not only did he nail the tone and mood of the moment, but his reading also made the women in the room blush a little. Ok, a lot.

“About a year later, as Anita and I began to scour the globe for the best men for our book, I suggested Mike, as I had a feeling that his rawness would add the right Mediterranean spice to the project.”

So I checked out this Mike Goulis guy.  I saw his profile picture, which was the black and white bearded man above in the suit.  Well.  I was sold purely on looks. I mean, oy, would you look at that punim?

Over time I journeyed through cyberland, getting to know him through his daily status posts, films he’d share and anything else he was willing to showcase on his facebook page. During this process, I saw a quote he posted:

“Behind every great man, there is a woman who cut him off till he got his shit together.”  – Our Fragile Griecosystem, HcwDB.com

Great quote, especially posted by a man.  So far so awesome.  I then voyeur-ed further into his FB-world.  I watched him throw bones for his friendslist to chew on. I saw others’ reactions, his reactions, and the straight talk; I lingered for a while in his perspective, wanting to digest it all.

He’s raw. Unfiltered.  Direct. And keeps all that jazz on his wall.

From what I saw, he didn’t hijack facebook posts on other walls to chant his opinions, fois gras-ing his perspective upon innocent post-ers who shared their likes and dislikes to random anythings.  Instead, he made statements on his wall about how he felt about whatever it was that tickled his alpha male fancy.  His mind is filled with a smorgasboard of topics on deck, ready for exposure. And I believe he delivers each to his cyber crowd, wrapped in a passionate bow.

One day, he shared to all that he had just gotten mugged.  I was stunned.  Felt horrible for him.  It’s clearly an ugly moment in life that no one ever wants to go through.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone feeling awful about what happened to him.  And, in a moment where he was the victim of a crime, he impressed me.  He turned the tables on the evil-doers and, instead, posted this provocative photo as his new profile picture:

I'm...too sexy for this black eye... (Photo: M. Goulis)

Even in an awful experience, Mike somehow brought sexy back with his black eye.  I mean, who does that? Mike Goulis. Who would actually show people his black eye? Mike Goulis. Who would command friends to visually accept his sexy-black-eye?  Mike Goulis would.  He creatively managed to take an awful experience and turn it into a Kodak moment. It takes a kick-ass guy with a kick-ass attitude to do that. I applaud him.

I admire people who can take the lows in life and mine for the gold within it to move forward.  Not everyone knows how to find the gold.  But it’s there and people like Mike find it.

All the while, as much as I began to enjoy learning about Mike, I still needed to mull about having him as a panelist for our book.  His raw, unfiltered commentary is magnetic, but I wondered: Could the gift he has make him appear to be a loose cannon to our eager female readers? An unpredictable bucking bronco that we’d have to rope down and harness?  Alex and I were only in the early development for designing who would represent our Male Panelists, and each panelist we planned to select had to fulfill many important factors, so the decision was a crucial one to make.

I liked Mike.  Felt his words and opinions to be a kind of an addictive drug that you’d crave to sneak into the caves of your mind, letting it baste in the halls of your memory for a while.  I presume he’s an edge-pushing film producer’s wet dream from the lengths I’ve seen him go through to make a point.  But what would he bring to the table with our collection of stories from women who talk about their relationships with men?  Would the women reading feel compelled to slam the book and burn it after reading his perspective?  Would he embrace and high-five the pricks in the stories?  Would he cross the disrespectful line as he shares his passionate point of view? Or would he be a fantastic fit, giving us honesty encased in his true desire to help and share wisdom to readers? I called Alex.

Alex, who I consider to be my construction manager, given her talent in her creating a stable and strong foundation to build great skyscrapers of content upon, turned her logical and practical wheels, and as fast as you could say The Dating GPS™, she provided me a structure that worked.  The vision became as clear and vivid as The Matrix would appear on a 3D Blu-ray shown through a 3D HDTV.  We wrapped up and I began working with the 12 panelists.

Mike lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  His hobby? Acting*.

Currently acting in independent films is a hobby. I have been planning and delaying moving to Los Angeles for a little while now to pursue it as a career but will be doing so shortly. 

And people think Mike is sexy.

Back in 2009 a co-worker submitted me for the Cleveland Magazine “Sexy Singles” article that’s published February every year as a Valentine’s  Day gimmick and I was selected, photographed and interviewed about my tastes.  It was really flattering. 

And he’s humble!

Out of that article I connected to his number one dating rule:

Whether you do or you don’t kiss on the first date, you should both want to.  If you want to hold yourself to a certain standard or rule for self-preservation, that’s fine, but it should be tempting. If it isn’t, then why do it again?

In my time getting to know Mike, I learned a little more about the wisdom that rests in that adventurous mind of his.  While working with him, he revealed an authenticity in his efforts, understanding in his thoughts, professionalism in his work, respect in his response time and gold in his words.  In one sentence he’s able to provide encompassing insight that will make you want to re-read, because it comes from an honest place, his approach is direct and it all stirs up the mind’s soup for thought.

The overall “women are dumb bitches that just like shopping” and “men are dumb pigs that just want sex” attitudes are really easy to end up having – if you’re lazy. And they don’t help anyone, including you. 

Not a bad bone to chew on right?  I instantly envisioned a PSA on relationships for NBC’s The More You Know.

He not only impressed me with what he’s learned and understood in the world of relationships; he provided thought-provoking perspectives that I hoped a panelist like him could provide.  And Mike does walk his talk from experience.

…I considered marriage and the seriousness of the commitment as quite viable.  I wouldn’t be in a relationship otherwise, or call it one.  I feel recognizing this provides me a pretty good moral compass and has me living by The Golden Rule pretty well. 

From when I was introduced to him through the present, I’ve enjoyed learning about the talented Mike Goulis.  He’s a fascinating combination, having the energy and creativity of an impressionable child; holding the wisdom of a mature man whose only real desire is to live big and live well; and always remembering to value everything that matters.  I was honored that Mike found value in the creation and purpose of our book, because he understands our desire in impacting generations with a more realistic awareness when it comes to relationships.

“Everyone deserves happiness but that implies learning to make yourself happy.  No one is entitled to a good relationship; you both have to earn it, and  both have  to work at it. And I think the stories here show how that can be done, as well as show some pitfalls to avoid along the way. ”

We are lucky to inherit Mike as part of our team of panelists.  In a world where he’s got things to do, people to see and movies to act in, I’m glad Mike took the time for our book because he had a lot to say – and he easily says it well.

Dating GPS™ Panelist Mike Goulis (Photo: M. Goulis)




*If you would like to book Mike for print or commercial work within 50 miles of either the Cleveland or the Pittsburgh metro area, you can contact his agent or contact him directly on facebook. If  outside those areas, please contact him directly.

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