The Dating GPS™ Introduces Male Panelist Satoshi Nagano: Our Businessman from Japan

Satoshi Nagano, Dating GPS™ Panelist and Businessman from Japan (Photo: S. Nagano)

Relationships are universal. From the ancient rituals of foreign lands to the dating websites of today, courtship and mating have crossed rivers, oceans, mountains and centuries. Some relationship quests even defined new geographical borders.

In order to give you, our readers, a full perspective of how men view relationships, we stretched beyond the United States and went global. We dug deep into our Rolodexes, MS Outlook, iPhone Contacts, Facebook friend lists and so on, reaching our cyber hands out to lands abroad, and connecting with whom who we feel to be wonderful representations of great-minded, admired and respected men of the world.

Satoshi Nagano and I first met in back in 2001, in Rochester, New York, where we both attended the Simon School of Business.  Earning our MBAs during a very chaotic time in world history, we soon bonded and, by Spring of 2002, along with fellow classmate Ivan Martinez, we joined forces and worked on many cases together, often first discussing class enrollment in order to ensure that our A-Team brought home the project and the grade.

Satoshi is a technology wizard, and we knew that with him on the computer, the presentations always looked and flowed their best. He knew how to imbed links long before it became industry standard. I also remember Satoshi taking to the dance floor at one of the many parties during our two years on campus. This guy would kick up the energy a notch.  Or three.

A few months after I moved to Cleveland, Satoshi sent me a very unusual and unique birthday gift. He gave me a relationship book targeting women in their mid-30′s that promised to get us a husband.  Though I wasn’t that age then, I read the book to quell my immediate curiosity. What did another ambitious and driven alpha MBA woman have to say about our state of modern dating?

While the book encouraged an approach that was a bit too aggressive for my taste, one piece of advice I soaked in from the author’s words was to look beyond the obvious and that perhaps, sometimes, it makes sense to date outside our comfort zone, because often that’s where the gems can be found.  Gems: men who are overlooked by women because of status or wardrobe. Yet, in the qualities and characteristics that matter most – honesty, loyalty, passion and care – these forgotten men often out-shined the sharp-dressed man.  In my own experience, many of the men in killer suits and expensive cars often had little to no substance beneath their designer threads and luxury vehicles.

A couple of years after reading that book, and after my numerous crash and burns with other male MBAs, lawyers and executives, I decided to venture out into the risk zone. And wouldn’t you know it, I met a special man who was a gem. And is still a gem. He continues to impact my life in the most surprising of ways. The journey wasn’t simple, but what adventurous journeys are? My personal lesson was to place the ego in its appropriate place and allow my heart to navigate its proper course. And, if it wasn’t for the book that Satoshi surprised me with, all those years ago, life may have turned out differently and not so happily.

That was a blessing. And there are no coincidences.  My MBA teammate and friend knew what was needed then.  His perspective is fresh, current, honest and unique.  And how fortunate to hear him say “yes” to being one of our panelists for The Dating GPS™?  In this role, he’ll provide his honest and respected opinion, coming from an inherited knowledge of the West, and a cultured connection of the East, now that he’s back home in Japan. Satoshi is one-of-a-kind because he’s always cared about people being happy and, in his own individual approach, he’s carved out a beautiful life - one which demonstrates the very nature of his loving heart – through his own adventures.

“I think people in the U.S tend to treat dating more as a necessity than those in Japan.”

These days, Satoshi is back in Tokyo. Newly married to Izumi, the love of his life, as of the writing of this blog, the couple is weeks away from the birth of their first child. We are so grateful that he is part of this journey and that, even with work, marriage and a baby on the way, he still found the time to offer wisdom and compassion to women everywhere who will read his words.

“Reading stories of others shall help you decipher the feelings of your lovers (or even yourself), and may provide you a clue as to how your last relationship turned out in a situation.”

What’s an accomplishment Satoshi is most proud of?

“I have become a husband of my wife. I’ll become a father of my son.”

And how will the development of our upcoming book impact him?

“My son shall love reading the book and it may change the way he thinks about relationships.  The book can be a good educational tool for my son, and he is not even born yet, so the impact will be huge!

Satoshi will be seen within our Sweethearts section. A great section provided to a man who is viewed as a sweetheart by many.  If we really look at the world with clear eyes, peaceful mind and a clear heart, we’d see the world is actually quite full of sweethearts. No matter where they are from or what languages they speak, they want love as much as you do and eagerly await to be noticed.  You can find them in Japan, the U.S., India and Russia. They inhabit every country, town, zip code and our very own coffee shops, offices and classrooms.  Maybe you just walked by one today? We know Izumi did.

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