The Dating GPS™ Introduces Frankie Doiron: Relationship Coach, Life Coach and Co-Author

Frankie Doiron, Relationship Coach (Photo: F. Doiron)

A book on relationships demands the wisdom of an expert. True, we have experienced almost every myriad of the relationship adventure, but we also found it critical to invite and then include the guidance of a wise soul, one who is educated, professionally trained and experienced in the arena of helping others achieve their relationship goals.

We are living in times where the ethic of togetherness is falling apart through the random mixed messages shared by Hollywood, trend and technology. Relationships tend to focus more on what’s wrong than what’s right, and though marriages are evident, divorce is appearing inevitable.

We searched high and low for someone holding a proven track record in relationship building, bringing to the table an impressive level of credibility as well as providing our target market with professional feedback in a manner that can be digested by a wide range of readers looking for guidance, inspiration and truth. Interestingly, we had our own soul-searching and metaphoric matchmaking journey in finding our perfect fit; we adjusted our behavior, supporting some of the main messages within our book:

Know what you want and who you are; be patient; align yourself with someone who has similar values to you.

We’ve met many wonderful prospects, and while each had something lovely to offer, we stayed authentic to our needs, and kept on truckin’. And then it happened. We found our professional, our coach and our writing partner. We found Frankie Doiron.

Frankie entered our world with three decades of corporate experience.  She is the President and CEO of the Relationship Coaching Institute, holding both positions for five years and bringing a result-oriented efficiency to her mission:

I want people to know that they have the right to live their lives in joy and fulfillment – that it is perfectly alright to prioritize oneself – in fact, it is our obligation to do so. When we live our lives from the inside out, and are not influenced by what other people think or expect from us, it means we are in alignment with our life purpose. Being who you are, in full authenticity, is a liberating experience. So simple and rewarding – giving ourselves the freedom to just be.

Living in the Toronto area, Frankie caters to members in North America, embracing everyone’s own individuality and ability to succeed in life and relationship. She is focused on developing and sharing tools that help people succeed; tools that deliver results. Additionally, her demeanor on the phone exudes a calmness and confidence through her voice, the kind that keeps us high-strung, business-minded women in a productive and relaxed state. She isn’t someone who tells you what you want to hear, or pushes any kind of agenda. Rather, Frankie takes the time to truly listen to your requirements, genuinely respecting each person’s valued time.

When Frankie shared her vast experience with us, we appreciated her engaging personality and natural ability to connect people in a disconnecting society, and felt thrilled to have her become the co-author to The Dating GPS™.

Many single women are challenged to find and sustain great love relationships. There is a lot of misinformation, unproductive repetitive patterns and beliefs that make it difficult to achieve relationship happiness. I hope that The Dating GPS™ and my contribution to it will help women consider a new way of approaching dating and their relationships.

Frankie is our thread of gold woven within The Dating GPS™. She provides honest insight, support and, most of all, a level of awareness needed by generations seeking positive relationships. Her words supply a refreshing perspective needed to help readers push positively forward in a time where technology is changing at uncontrollable speeds, often reflecting into our relationship lifestyle and behaviors. The days of old-fashioned and proper etiquette, as well as of guidelines for women’s and men’s behavior, are over, and Frankie is here to help us all get back on track, within the context of an evolving and modern world.

The Dating GPS™ can inspire women (and men) to take responsibility for their relationships. When you are responsible you think in terms of “what is my part?” In other words, what am I doing or bringing to this relationship that is resulting in this outcome? What do I need to do, to affect the change I desire? By elevating your level of awareness it is easier to see the big picture and remove yourself from the drama and “stuff” that bogs you down and results in making poor choices.

When we live our principles rather than just talking about them, we are role models for our children and others. We are creating a legacy of change and living our lives in a much fuller, more aware way.  

The most important aspect of our book, outside of providing awareness and offering a transformational shift in perspective, is in knowing that every person involved reflects a genuine personality, sincere credibility and a unique approach in being genuine with the reader – things we believe are what most people are really asking for in their dating adventures.

Being human means to be in relationship. Having successful relationships means living a life of tremendous joy and fulfillment.

Please join us in welcoming Frankie Doiron, our co-author. She holds the weight of the professional word, and is the most qualified coach to embrace the relationship world. Frankie joins us enthusiastically as we march into love’s troubled battlefield, equipped with armor and strategies needed by many to guide their way to peacetime.

Blog written by Alex Sukhoy and Anita Myers



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  1. Marian Meade says:

    OMG, I just saw this part of your email now! This is fabulous! You have a real gem in Frankie!! And I LOVE your title. Wahoo!!! You go girls!!

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