It’s Happening!

It's Happening

You spend your life working, doing, progressing, sometimes in confidence, sometimes not.

When you’re on track, the Universe conspires with you.

The week of April 5, 2010 was one of those times for us. It was simply tremendous.

Knowing that Anita was about to meet Annabelle provided a lighthouse signal that, in the still cold Midwest spring, directed us towards the right path. It was only the beginning of the journey, and, yet, we both felt humbled and giddy, all at once.

So, in a Fed-Exed care package to Anita that included the Annabelle poster as well as a copy of my script that Anita, in her magical way, hand-delivered to Joan and calmly said, “My business partner Alex wrote this for your brother,” I also slipped in a simple hand-written note: a not so subtle reminder and time stamp that would have to do until we could actually see each other in person.

Anita immediately got it and then tacked it to her vision board.

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