The Dating GPS™ Introduces Male Panelist Brian Lawton: Cool Cat, Class Act, And I Swear He’s Like The Old Spice Guy On A Horse.

The Dating GPS™ Male Panelist Brian Lawton (Photo: B. Lawton)

In 2010 it was Super Bowl Sunday.  Steelers vs. Packers.

Commercial time.

I saw a man who stood in his towel by the shower, and he began to speak to me.  He told me to look at my man, then back to him, then back at my man, then back to him. What? A dozen things followed while he continued mesmerizing me with his voice, and before I knew it, he was on a horse.  Oh. My. Goodness.

It was the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice campaign, featuring chocolaty goodness, Isaiah Mustafa.

When his deep voice began with the following,

I just about fell over. In awe. In joy. In laughter.

I replayed the commercial over and over again, laughing with my husband.

Old Spice has spent over 70 years helping guys smell better. This campaign became a viral video sensation. Why? There were three flavors lingering in my mind long after viewing it:

1) Old School:

(Part A) The commercial engaged viewers with an Indiana Jones feel, with its physical demands, maneuvering Isaiah through a plethora of mini-scenes within  seconds, finally bringing him to the destination in his all-too-cool, debonair-and-slick manner.

(Part B) Golden Age Monologue: The show brought a polished, quick-witted, vocally fluid presentation through Isaiah’s monologue, reminiscent of commercials during the Golden Age – a time for which I have great respect.

Listen to this man selling an RCA Victor Master big screen television back in the 50′s:

Now back to the Old Spice commercial. Now back to me.

2) Modern Creativity and Process: That same commercial also hit the cool and creative avenues of today’s modern technology, using bits of CGI to create a timeless, cohesive 30-second spot. Sure enough, it wasn’t just my eyes that welcomed such a fun and memorable commercial. Through Isaiah, they were able to captivate millions of viewers, acquire prestigious awards and leave its mark in the commercial industry, making it one of the most appreciated commercials in the new millennia.

3) The Bwahaha!-Factor: It had the most enchantingly brilliant humor weaved through the entire spot, titillating viewers to connect online, or do as I did (replay it on my TV over and over again) to view it. Immediately, fans wanted to catch everything the manly-man did (he certainly did it all with panache), and contributed to making the campaign a social media mega-success story.

"I'm on a horse."

"I'm on a horse."

Why am I talking to you about a great commercial that has stayed in my mind even after a couple of years have gone by? Because the impact I received from watching that commercial was quite similar to the impact I had reading the perspective of Brian Lawton for the stories written within the pages of The Dating GPS™.

At one point, Alex and I had found 11 out of 12 panelists, and we were in an excited place, almost  done with our nationwide search. The number of interested prospects really showed promise, but for one reason or another, we had to keep looking (setting out on a metaphoric journey in finding our kind of man, for the job). I meditated over what action could be the best for us in finding that diamond-in-the-rough. My gut feeling instinctively strung my arms, hands and fingers together like a marionette,  puppet-ed me to my laptop’s keyboard, and began bangin’ my fingers, typing with mad intention to post an immediate notice on my Facebook page. Moments after, I received an email from my good friend Tom. He swore his friend, Brian Lawton, fit the description.

I contacted Brian, and heard his voice. OMG, it’s the Old Spice Guy, on a horse! I thought. If he said “Hello, ladies,” I would have shrieked like a little school girl. After I explained what our book was about, he was rarin’ to go. “I’m in,” he said with a cool, centered voice. After working together and gaining his honest, raw and real responses to the collection of stories he reviewed, I learned a few things about him:

He’s cool – Through his writing, his perspective and his personal demeanor, not only did I feel that Brian was a cool cat through my phone, text and email conversations, but I got a confirmation through Tom’s wife (and also a friend of Brian), Jenny Brink, who recalled his coolness at a get-together they had for the 2004 Super Bowl Party:

He was the first one to realize Janet Jackson’s boob was exposed during the halftime show. He was so calm about it!

While I can imagine the rest of the party aghast, I somehow can see Brian, in his cool, slick manner, mention a momentary boobie flash. By Janet Jackson. At the Super Bowl halftime show. In his most calm, suave delivery.

He’s Funny –  With his skillful, cool-headed disposition, and with his thoughtful selection of words, he has an ability to marinate his experiences with engaging and funny explanation. Even in his writing, he shares an ability to say what he needs to say, but his delivery had me LOL-ing and mentally high-fiving through his feedback. I love honesty. But more so, I love it when it’s laced with humor.

He’s a gift of inspiration, information and appreciation. –  How so? Here are some words I received from Brian that may answer that for you:

On being married:  We dated for almost five years. 

Brian & wife Kenya (Photo: B.Lawton)

There was an amazing level of trust and love that seemed to come naturally whenever we were together.  We shared the same beliefs, goals and ideals when it came to family, community and religion. I loved that fact that she was career-oriented and had a very strong work ethic.  Not to mention pretty damn good looking.

His greatest accomplishments: Outside of work [General Manager in the automotive aftermarket] the greatest accomplishment has been becoming a father to two of the most beautiful little ladies around. 

Brian Lawton & his little girls (Photo: B.Lawton)



Being a father has proved to be both rewarding and challenging in a way that I never imagined.

On his hobbies/interests:  Home improvement projects and working on my car is how I unwind.  I’ve also developed a slight obsession with World War II and everything military.

His view on success in relationships: In order for a relationship to survive in these days and times, there must be clear, open and honest two-way communication. Couples have to make sharing the good and the bad a priority.  With all the things available to serve as distractions these days, a special effort must be made to shut off the outside world and focus on each other.  Even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

Why was he interested in being a part of our project? His raw and honest answer:

I was so interested in this project because there are tons of sites, books and columns about relationships and dating. But this is a real world perspective coming from real everyday people Just people talking with and responding to people. Generations for years to come will benefit from this project due to its open and honest format. 

When Jenny learned that Brian was selected, she shared her opinion of Brian:

Anita, he is an outstanding man. When you get him talking he is funny.  He is an amazing storyteller. You just want to listen.  He is just very lovable!

Sounds like the same kind of impression I felt about a certain someone…

"Hello, Ladies..."

The Dating GPS™ welcomes Brian Lawton: The man your man should be like.




Photo Credits for 2nd and last photo: Isaiah Mustafa for Old Spice via Procter & Gamble

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