Our Very First Face-to-Face Meeting at Nibbles’ Play Cafe

Alex and Anita at Nibbles' Play Cafe

With the sky overcast in Chicagoland, the Monday was looking grim.


The gloominess wouldn’t last too long.

After a yummy breakfast at Walker Bros. with childhood friends Beth and Marina, Anita and I ventured to Nibbles’ Play Cafe, where we sipped refreshing beverages and, then, got to work.

Simultaneously launching a book, a logo and a website is like being pregnant with triplets. And, given this project was conceived exactly a year ago, the only thing we want to do is be induced! But, deliveries take time and we want to make sure that our baby gets the best care possible.

We had a fantastic brain-dump, especially given that this was our very first in-person work meeting. Everything that we have accomplished so far – the book name, the Facebook fanpage, the questions, the book contents, the strategy, the parent company, the branding and all the million details in between, we have done from our respective homes, in the suburbs of Chicago and Cleveland. Thank G-d for technology, for it truly is amazing what it enables.

At no other time since Anita and I first met, back in 1981, could this book have been possible.

So even with the gloom of a dark and wet Chitown Spring, these Midwest girls got it done.

And we’re just getting started.

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